How do you draw a ship? – Concept Car Sketches

Why do you like her so much?” I asked.

“There are many aspects to her,” she said, staring into the sea. “She’s beautiful to look at. Her color, her shape, everything about her. The whole of it. There is something about her that is just … well, it takes a lot of time. Her long arms, her broad chest, her graceful curves. It takes months. It is not natural, so long as you do not look at her closely. One day I will, and it is a pleasure to look at her for a long time.”

“For me? That is, what is the one thing that makes you fall in love with her?”

“She reminds me of a person. Her face is not mine. It looks more like a girl’s. Her smile is not mine. This is a real girl. I should be grateful, but I’m not. I see only a beautiful girl, and I see the flaws in her, in everything she has done. I see the person she is today only in the light of my eyes. She will not be able to get away from me forever.”

My eyes, they do me right in that part of the world,” I said.

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She smiled.


I was very glad to hear from my old friend. I took a little time each day, I tried to do something that was worth looking at and trying to get to know her.

I took a look at her again once I had started to have my mind clear. Her body was so young and pretty, and I liked the fact that she was very gentle with me when we were talking before, and in the last two months of my days with her my mouth would be more sensitive. I was so glad to hear that. And this was more of a physical attraction, too! I just loved her body shape. I wanted to touch her, I was more than willing. And as I looked at her I could see her soft and young skin, and her long slender waist.

It looked like the body of someone who spent at least part of her day in the water. I couldn’t help thinking of a girl that I had known at boarding school where she was beautiful, and I could tell that she just had an amazing figure, but it was difficult to talk and show her my emotions.

I could feel her, that I had an attraction for her, but it didn’t take away

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How do you draw a ship? – Concept Car Sketches
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