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What does it need to do? What does it get out of this life?

“So you just sit down and start putting the questions around to each group of actors and talk about what they get out of it. Sometimes you have to rework it because people don’t quite understand what you are trying to say. When you start to think that way before you start asking that stuff, you have a much easier time communicating and getting the information across. But with my first three scripts and how they were going, they could tell, and they got the point across very quickly.”

As part of the ‘Dolphin’ film, his latest book, The Big Book of Dolph Lundgren, is also available. Read the book here.

How do you stay sane while performing a role like ‘Dolphin’?

“Well, the day before I started you start thinking ‘oh god, what have I done?'” says Lundgren. “And then I would go and eat a good meal, get some sleep and you kind of wake up from it because you can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not saying it’s a big deal, but I mean once it starts that’s it, you’re never going to get it out of you again. And that’s the hardest part, is the fact they are trying to get you into a state of mind where you feel like you have to do it.”

“Our country is great because we do not seek. We do not aim. We seek to do.”

-James Madison

In his final speech before a joint session of Congress on December 7, 1808, the last sitting U.S. President, James Madison (1648-1728) spoke those words and this is what he said next.

His remarks were inspired by a prayer he had offered to God “that His people may have the strength of mind to do [their] duty.”

He was not alone in his dedication to his country.

In the following decade, the nation was at war, a new Constitution was being written, and people were suffering from war, oppression, and slavery. The nation was experiencing the “Great Awakening” which had begun before the War Between the States but was accelerating.

Madison, the great philosopher of America, was a member of the Constitutional Convention which drafted the Constitution. We commemorate his life and work by the year of his assassination on April 4, 1826.

What we know about James Madison now is

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How do you draw a dolphin? – Car Drawings
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