How can I draw on a PDF? – How To Draw A Dog

Yes, you can draw on a PDF in many ways: To the right you can get some examples:

For those new to PDFs, they are an easy way to make sure the text you make is consistent with the text you draw.

When trying to draw on a document in a drawing app, it’s helpful to use the built-in PDF viewer. If you don’t have it installed, search in the Google Play Store for “PDF Reader,” install it, and then open up the document in it.

Note that you’ll be able to see most if not all of the text after the PDF has loaded. You can easily switch back and forth between the PDF and the drawing app afterwards. And if you are using a PDF converter software or a graphics editing application like Wacom, you shouldn’t have the problem of seeing all the extra text in your drawing.

Can I just copy and paste information from a drawing? Yes. In fact, you can copy and paste PDF content to a PDF. You can also copy and paste text from a drawing as well.

To copy a piece of PDF content from a drawing to a PDF, tap the Copy button (or tap +) and then copy the contents of the drawing to the clipboard. This will copy the content on the drawing to your PDF as text.

To paste a PDF’s contents to the clipboard: press the P in the top-right corner of your screen or tap and hold (or tap +) on the drawing (or on the drawing in a drawing app), then tap Copy.

As a convenience, you can also paste directly from a drawing to other documents.

How do I edit my drawings? You can edit your text by: Using pencil or an eraser, draw over a PDF. Hold down on the drawing for a moment to draw a note at the top of your page. With the eraser, draw over the text and then draw over the note again. You can also draw over the drawing (e.g., by hand or by cutting it out) to add new elements or corrections. To do so, hold your drawing down (not the eraser) to draw on the PDF. If you want to make changes to your text before saving it, you can erase what you’re drawing. Your changes will immediately save and then save again when you save the document.

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How can I draw on a PDF? – How To Draw A Dog
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